EuCER – The European Consumer Electronics Retail Council



The European Consumer Electronics Retail Council (EuCER) is a non-profit association founded by Aires, E-Square, Euronics International, Expert International and Unieuro. It has been established as an AISBL (International Association without Lucrative Purpose) under Belgian Law.

The EuCER Council represents European Retail Groups and Chains which are active in the sale of Technical Consumer Goods, such as Major Domestic Appliances, Computers, Smartphones, Healthcare Products, and Audio and Video Devices. 

The annual turnover of the members of the EuCER Council exceeds 45 billion euros, with more than 300.000 employees within the 27 countries of the European Union.

EuCER is based in Etterbeek (Brussels), 10 Charles-Maurice Wiser Square.

Hans Carpels, president of European Consumer Electronics Retail Concil, elected on 18 November 2019 in Milano, warmly thanking all the members for their confidence, commented:

«I am proud to be the spokesperson for sector which is in fact an important “innovation showcase” as a whole. It is an assignment of great responsibility and I can assure that we will work with commitment and cohesion to bring our contribution to the growth and sustainability of the European economy».