The Primary aims of the EuCER Council are:

  • To allow and facilitate access to national and European legislation regarding the sale of electronic components and electrical household appliances to consumers, for the benefit of legal entities, associations, organisations, companies, undertakings and, generally speaking, any private or public body.
  • To promote and define a clear and non-discriminatory, legal and regulatory framework in this area. 

The EuCER Council aims to work with commitment and cohesion to bring a practical contribution to the growth and sustainability of the European economy, focusing on the implementation of new assets as well as on debates with institutions in order to renew and improve existing resources.
An active cooperation with national and international associations, industries and non-governmental organizations is therefore fundamental.
The Council also aims to contribute to the development, approval and implementation of local, regional, national and international legislation, regulation, policy, rules or directives and will strive to represent its Members’ interests vis-à-vis to European Legal & Regulatory Institutions.
One of the many focus areas relates to market distortions and how the effects can be considered on a European level, starting from the economic impacts.